Promote Your Child’s Cognitive Developments

Since the moment they were born, their incredible mind has been growing and changing by observing new things around there. It is the time when they are on the path to develop complex thoughts easily with their eagerness towards learning, questioning and making sense of the world around them. Children’s cognitive skills are improved when they start questioning and finding solutions by their own or with the support of other person. Knowing ways to go through the process of questioning, discovery, reflection, evaluation and finding solution helps the children in becoming lifelong learners. Here are some tips which are essential keys to a child’s learning: Sing a song: Singing songs with our child and also encouraging them to sing with us will be very helpful in promoting memory and word identification. We can play their favorite songs or poems and music in the house and car as well while going somewhere occasionally and you will find that they start singing along by themselves. Identify sounds: We must give it a shot if our child is able to identify the noises and sounds that he hears throughout the day such as bird singing, vehicle horns, running water or the dishwasher etc. We must relate them with nature and outer atmosphere as much as we can and he will begin to understand the relation of the sounds with the objects in his everyday activity. Alphabetic practice: If you do not want to approach the old method of teaching alphabets, then you should try something new. We can help our child in identifying the letters by singing along to the alphabet song and reading books about the alphabets and playing with alphabet puzzle. Counting practice: We can identify the opportunities throughout the day to practice counting with kids such as count the number of shoes in child’s closet when he get dressed or the number of slides on the playground when we go to the park with kids. Soon we will found that their counting is improving.