Plan a Health Regime for Your Kid

As a parent, we are very much familiar with the struggle of making our fussy child to grab a plain glass of milk, sneak them to eat healthy vegetables in dishes and push them to eat fruits, otherwise blackmailing them to eat another serving of food or added chapatti. But this struggle does not end here. We have to make sure that they would have enough water in a day to keep themselves hydrated. Incomplete breakfast meals and unhealthy diets full of only junk food lead to a major roadblock in a child’s development. Being a parent, we must give attention on inculcating the healthy habits into them and we can do this by building healthy nutrients loaded regime at the early stages of child’ life which lead to lifelong benefits while boosting his brain power. Here are some tips over it: Try to be funnier: As we know that the child is not fond of getting healthy food and fruits so we have to make this activity more interesting and funny for them. We can do this by blending some taste enhancers like Bourvita or strawberry pulp in the milk. Fruits are always good: Fruits are the essential boosting factor of kid’s immunity especially Bananas and Kiwi which act as an instant energy booster and also provides fuel to the child’s brain power. So if there is a banana in the morning meals teamed with dried fruit would be a great option to enhance the child’s energy throughout the day. Add green vegetables: Excess of chocolates and candies at the early ages harms their physical development most as they do not feel required vitamins and nutrients any more. So we must make sure to add more of green vegetables and fresh fruits in their lunch meals which are supplemented with chapattis and paranthaas. Chopping vegetables into interesting and funny shapes will make them seem more funny and exciting.