Parenting in 21st Century

The introduction of the new technologies in the 21st century was seemed to a great supporter to make our lives easier and providing more time for family, personal interest or just to relax. But instead of all this, the digitalization has made our lives more busy and hectic. We do not have time for the family and just running after our work lives. But in case of children, it is not as much changed. Although today’s kids can operate smart phones and computers long before they can even read but many of their basic needs have been the same since the dawn of time and being a parent, we need to recognize their emotional needs and many more. Here are some tips which can help us in doing that: We must tell our children how much we love them. Although they know it but sometimes it is better to express. Tell your child that they are your priority. You can go for playing games with them and ask them,” Has somebody told you that they love you so much?” Eat dinner with family as much as possible. It helps children in learning valuable communication and life lessons around the dinner table. Maintain a distance from all your gadgets for a while and ask meaningful questions as every sacrifice worth to a child future. Stay with your child and hug them whenever they feel it as there may be a day when they will stop asking and you will find that you could give anything to hold them in your arms again. We must get to know our child by asking multiple questions to them and sometimes you might be surprised by their unique and out of the box thinking. If you are choosing your work over your child, you will regret it later by finding that your child does not share anything with you or spends time with you. We have to understand that work will likely be always there but our children will not.