Is Your Child Blackmailing You?

For most of the children, it is becoming very common these days to blackmail their parents for getting their wishes fulfilled; it can be misbehavior or bad attitude towards the things around them or towards parents sometimes as they know that by yelling at those in public or misbehaviour will lead to parent say “Yes”. But this is not the right approach to handle stubborn child who keeps blackmailing you. If they are behaving in these ways, it is high time to think over it again and look for ways for getting rid of these tantrums so that we could fit in our parenting skills. Here are some suggestions: Go For Reasons: The first and foremost step in this process is to think like a child and look for the reasons behind their misbehaviour, keep them calm down before their voice gets louder. Stay Connect Emotionally: We must maintain a strong emotional touch with children so that they could feel good and relaxed while discussing their issues and demands with you. We must make sure that their needs are being properly addressed and they feel like important part of the house. Listen Them Carefully: If we do not hear them or ignore them, they will be more arrogant and stubborn and if we want our kids listen to us, we have to be willing to listen to them first. Say “No” is important: A big “No” to their unnecessary demands will be the important step in this regard but it is not necessary that we would say it for each of their demand. If “No” is not working or you want to choose some other approach, them give them options to choose the things.