Get Yourself Involved in Child’s life

It is a true fact that if we are mentally and biologically connected to our children, it would become ten times easier for us and kids to understand each other than any other person. Being involved in our children’s life will give us many rewards such as beautiful memories, healthy conversations, and deep relationship with our child as well as getting a chance to watch our child growing into a healthy and responsible adult. But one of the biggest challenges parents have been facing when it comes to being more involved with their child is to figure out How? Here are some prominent ways towards increasing amount of quality time share with our child: Form a together time: Forming a regular weekly routine for conducting some unique and fun activities with our child can be the first step towards this. We can also go for a walk, getting them ice-creams or having warm conversation while you are free can help in opening your lines of communication. Make them part of family meetings: conducting family meeting occasionally is a great and efficient platform for sharing conflicts, complaints, projects or any other neglected thing with each other. Associate them with some rules such as equal opportunity to talk without interruption or only constructive feedback is allowed. To make the child join, try to use incentives like post meeting pizza party etc. Try to be home after school: After returning from the school, a child needs mother the most for sharing his whole day activities or telling about his friends and making any of his new demands. So make sure that you are available especially at that time. It would lead a positive relationship with the child. Have a bite together: There is a phrase that “The family that eats together prays together, stays together”. Having a family meal gives us the prominent opportunity to talk about their whole day events to reveal, reinforce and bond with the kids. According to a study, these kids are much likely to be involved with academic or creative activities.