Build Immunity in Your Child

Sometimes many parents notice their child suffering with running noses or constant colds but they think that these conditions are just par for the course with children in school which is not right as not all the children get sick. A child during his childhood is continuously exposed to the polluted air and innumerable harmful diseases that can make their body prone to the unwanted days of illness. It is the parent’s duty to empower their child with the strong immune system and lifetime protection against all kinds of diseases. These are the simple steps which parents can consider for enhancing their child’s immune system: Provide Nutritional Supplements: In order to enhance immunity in the child, we must provide them everyday meal which possesses essential nutritional supplements without compromising with their fitness and health for life. The diet must include Vitamins A, C, E as well as fresh fruits and green vegetables. Stay Emotionally Connected: The more love and affection you will show the baby, happier the child will be. Make sure that you always maintain strong relationship with your child so that they could feel secure, loved and positive towards life. The idea is that the more children feel loved, the healthier their immune system will be. The positive involvement of the parents contributes in it a lot. Let Them Explore Freely: We should not put limitations or bound our child within the four walls of our home. Let them freely enjoy and explore the incredible beauty of nature. Let them play in mud and make mud pies as exposing our child to dirt exposes them to microbes it contains. You can go for evening walk with them or play in the nearby park. Fresh air can be an excellent stimulator. Inculcate hygienic habits: If you try to incorporate good hygienic habits in your child as well as tell them the benefits of washing hands before and after meal such as it decreases the possibilities of being picked up by any diseases or allergy, it will be a great contributor to enhance their immunity system.