Boost Your Child’s Brainpower

Being a parent, it is our crucial responsibility to help our child in inculcating a love towards learning and increasing their smarts and expertise without troubling or stressing them. But today’s generation of toys, apps and learning techniques, it is quite confusing and stressful to choose what would work efficiently for advancing our child’s brain development. Well! The good news is that by providing our kids loving and language enhanced experiences, we can increase their possibilities of their brain’s development which result in rich language, reasoning and planning skills. Here are some simple ways for parents can be helpful in ensuring their child’s healthy brain development with love and care: Teach Positive Dialogues: It would be helpful in enhancing their intellectual performance. We must teach our child to eliminate negative self talk and build up self confidence by showing the ways to practice positive internal dialogue such as “I can do this or I have the potential or I will do my best etc”. Inculcating these kinds of dialogues in them will help in preventing our child from unintentionally thinking themselves into poor outcomes. Mental Gymnastics: We must encourage them to play the games which stimulate their mind especially strategy games and build concentration, problem solving skills along with reasoning and patience. We can take the help of these kinds of games such as card games for concentrations, crossword, puzzle, checkers, cryptograms, word jumbles and math puzzles etc. Encourage love of Reading: Boos are the great contributors in not only feeding the mind but also promoting the bonding, improving spans, build vocabulary and enhancing memory etc. In addition to this, reading can help your child unwind after a full day of school. Verbal Interactions at Home: This task sound so obvious but having a word with the child helps them in developing their language and vocabulary skills. This task can be critical between the ages of 16 and 26 months when the child’s language develops most rapidly.