• Sine International School student won Gold Medal in National level Taekwondo competition

    Student learning is important but physical ability is another factor important in the age of developing. Students of Sine International School made everyone proud by actively taking part on all type of activities and wining prized which they deserve definitely. Education will always help fir mental sharpness whereas physical health will make them fit and active all their life. Sine International School won a Gold Medal in National Taekwondo Competition. A wonderful moment to acknowledge.

  • Sine International School supported State Level Judo Competition  for more thatn 1000 students from Rajasthan. 

    Competition and regular practice bring the best out of the students. Keeping these things in mind is prioritizing in Sine International School. Initiation to make every student expert in their passion and with these support students of Sine International School will beat themselves day by day and will move ahead with pace.

  • Sine International School organized Health Check-up for the student

    A regular health-care is necessary at every stage of age. Health brings wealth in future and in our school it is very well taken care of. Sine International School organized health check-up for kids’ best health, a thorough check-up by the expert doctors and doctors guided students about the basic health care in daily life.